Staffing charges

Downtown Dish Catering prides itself in providing exceptional service before, during, and after your event. Below is a basic guide that is used to staff your event. Each event is unique and might not fit into this formula. All staff counts are estimates and can vary depending upon menu, location, staff duties requested, setup needed, maintenance required, etc.

Back-of-House, $150 each, One back of house assistant for every 150 guests

Banquet Captain, $200 each, One captain per event

Bar Tender, $200 each, Two bar tenders required for the first 100 guests

Chef Attendant, $150 each, One for each action station

Chef’s Fee, $300, One chef per event

Dishwasher, $130, One dishwasher per event

Event Manager, $300, One event manager per event

Front-of- House, $150 each, One front of house assistant for every 100 guests